How M&A Firms Can Avoid 'Drowning' in Data and Losing Clients 

M&A advisors are confronted by a tidal wave of information. “Data drowners” collect reams of information from data providers but cannot find it when they need it. M&A “data wizards” take that same research but pair it with their own prospect interactions to put themselves in front of the right targets at the right time.

Watch this 25-minute complimentary webinar to see why data is becoming the new X-factor in how sellers earn business. Learn how new technology and data management best practices are turning the “needle in a haystack” client search process into an efficient business development engine.

Topics discussed include:

  • How data clears your calendar for the right networking events
  • Why your shotgun approach to marketing isn’t working
  • Integrating data into the business development lifecycle
  • Best practices for managing your data feeds